Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Route 1

15 March, Knysna Garden Route

Just downed a few Knysna oysters. We only got the 'medium' cultivated ones They were huge! At least three times the size of a normal oyster at home and so-o-o good! And at $4 a half dozen, who could ask for more? Apparently the big coastal oysters have to be eaten with a knife and fork, so there IS something better.

Knysna is tourist central and so not our usual fare, but we took a ferry trip across the lagoon that has formed at the mouth of the Knysna river to one of the headlands and had a nice walk through the indigenous forest. The views up the coast were just spectacular.

As we have come further south into the Western Cape Province, we have moved more into what we (probably disrespectfully) call “whitie-world”. Knysna and other towns on this beautiful coast could well be in the South of France, Florida, the Gold Coast or the Costa Brava, normally playgrounds for the rich and famous, but in this, the off-season, very reasonable for travellers like us. We have a nice, lagoon-fronting, self-catering unit for $55 a night. On the outskirts of this paradise, though, is the 'Old Place' Township, a totally different world and less than 2 km from the centre of Knysna. But more about this later in our review of our travels in South Africa. Enough to say for now is that we , like all the other “whities”, are safe and comfortable in beautiful Knysna.

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