Friday, February 18, 2011

Off at Last

18 February. Sydney

Anticipation and planning are a big part of the excitement of travelling. The final few days, however, can be excruciating. Last night, we over-nighted with Paul's brother and sister-in-law in Sydney. To ease the pain of waiting, we were treated to a night with Michael Buble. Well - us and 16,000 other punters. A back stage pass and 'refreshments' prepared us for a fantastic show. Sadly, a planned 'meet and greet' with young Michael never eventuated. The 'girls' were devastated!

So, somewhat sleep deprived, we are waiting around for our flight to KL, where we'll have a few hours in a transit hotel before the long haul to Johannesburg and the start of our trip through South Africa, the UK and Ireland and a short flit through Japan on the way home.

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